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Kapama News

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September 2012



It has been a while since we have been touch, but with good cause.  The reason being that we have been so busy with new developments, that we neglected to communicate this to our subscribers.

In this newsletter we would like to inform you of all our latest developments at Kapama since the beginning of 2010 up to today.

In Short – Buffalo Camp has been completely rebuilt, two new large properties have been incorporated into the Kapama Reserve, Southern Camp opened in December 2011 and then, January 2012, Karula was destroyed in severe floods.

The good news is that we have rebuilt Karula, now comprising of 5 Superior suites, 5 Suites and for the daring, two tents.  We also jumped at the opportunity to include a classy library to the facilities.

Spring is the time when everything comes alive in the bush and at Kapama it is no different, with all our hard work of the past two years now also coming alive.

Recent upgrades at Kapama

Kapama Buffalo Camp

During the winter of 2011, Kapama Buffalo Camp was closed for far more than just a refurbishment. The entire camps tents were demolished and ten new tented accommodation structures were erected. Read more...

Kapama Buffalo Camp Lounge


Kapama Continues To
Grow The Reserve

During September 2011 an adjacent property known as Hongonyi was acquired by Kapama and the process of incorporating this reserve into Kapama was initiated. Read more...

Map of Kapama

Kapama Southern Camp

In a record time of four months a new Southern Camp was borne on the Kapama Private Game Reserve. The aim was to provide some guests with a smaller more intimate option to Kapama River Lodge. Read more...

Overview of Kapama Southern Camp

Severe Floods Hit Kapama

It is quite ironic that the very water we depend on for survival can sometimes become such a destructive force that you can just watch in awe as tiny trickles of water become raging torrents and in its wake leave behind total devastation and destruction.  Read more...

Kapama floods

Kapama Karula Rebuilt

All river facing tents were damaged beyond repair in the floods. After careful consideration we decided not to rebuild the original tents but to rather replace the original tents with a suite that resembled the very popular Superior Suites. Read more...

Kapama Karula rebuilt after recent floods

It is often said that time flies when you’re having fun.  Oh my word how these years have flown.  Watch this space, till we meet again to up date you on more of our new developments and exciting times at Kapama.

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